UI/UX testing and why it's important for your project

Is your designer ready with the new design for the website or are you wandering if your current website is user friendly enough?
jCreativeWeb can help you by doing UI/UX tests.

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What is UI and UX

Very basically described, the user interface (UI) are the screen, pages and all the visual element (buttons, menu items, icons, fonts, ...) that the user has to interact with the website.

The user experience (UX) is on the other hand the experience that the user has when they interact with every aspects of the website.

What is UI testing

During the UI testing we make sure that all buttons, fields, labels and other items on the screen work as specified.
Also are we going to check controls (such as toolbars), color, fonts, sizes, icons, etc..

We do not only see how they look but we also check how they respond to the user input.

What are we looking for?

User interface testing checks how the website performs on the following:

  • accessibility
  • compatibility
  • ease of use
  • logic and consistency

During these test we must ask us the following questions:

  1. Are all the features easy to use
  2. Can the user navigate through the website without having problems like:
    • system errors
    • malfunctions
    • losing their way

And the most important question of them all:

  1. Is the interface guiding the user towards the right way?

Short checklist for UI testing

In order to ensure a smooth testing of the UI, it's always best if you have a checklist (which can be changed or adapted to meet the project).

The basic items on such a UI test checklist are following:

  • type and font size
  • colors
  • icons and their style
  • visual inconsistencies
  • required fields
  • data type errors
  • on-screen instructions
  • progress indicators
  • confirmation of action (save, edit, delete)
  • error messages

What is UX testing

During an UX test we test various aspects of the user experience of the project ans all his elements that you can interact with.

What are we looking for?

There are a few things that you must pay attention to during a UX test:

  • website navigation must be easy to interact with
  • the performance must meet the user requirements
  • order process must be effortless (in case it's an online shop)

Short checklist for UX testing

Just like with UI testing, we also have a basic checklist for UX testing.

The basic items on such UX test checklist are following:

  • navigation throughout the site (main navigation as the sub navigation and the navigation in the sub-modules)
  • header
  • footer
  • buttons and Calls to actions – sizes, colors, and clickability
  • links – colors, clickability and redirects
  • carousels
  • content (formatting).
  • forms – size, content, friendliness and understandability
  • messages (informative, about errors) – colors, understandability, and compliance.
  • additional elements – such as Back to top button, Help.
  • mobile version (if any) – view in landscape/portrait mode.