Keeping your Joomla website up to date

Are you always way behind with the Joomla and extensions update or are you tired to check each time if there an update available?
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Updates, updates and some more updates

Almost every month there's an update available, isn't it an extension update then it's Joomla itself.
And of course before each update it's best to make a back-up of your website or web application so that you have a way back if the update fails.

So, a quick sum up of an update round:

  • create a back-up (files and database)
  • install all the updates (Joomla and extensions)
  • check if everything is still working correctly
  • create a back-up for storing offline (in case the server crashes, you never know :) )

What are those updates and are they really necessary?

There are different kind of updates:

  • security update: a fix for a specific problem that addresses one of more security issue(s)
  • critical update: fix(es) for a specific problem that addresses a critical, non-security-related bug
  • bug fix update: fixes one or more bugs, not critical nor security-related
  • feature update: extra functionalities
  • optimization update: addresses some speed issues or improving the code so that it works better and faster

You probably now know that indeed not every update is absolutely necessary and it can't hurt you if you skip an update now and then.