Is your Joomla website secured?

Your brand new website is online, but is it secure?
Are you sure that people with bad intentions can't use your website for malicious purposes?

jCreativeWeb can do a PEN test (penetration test) on your website to see if there are known security breaches on your website that are still unprotected.

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What is a PEN test?

The main goal of a PEN test is trying to break in to the system or to manipulate it so that we can use it in a malicious way.

For example.: we're trying to access the database to get to sensitive data or we're trying to use your contact form to bulk send spam mails.

The "color boxes" of PEN testing

There are three types of PEN testing:

  1. White box testing: the pen testers have full access and knowledge of the website they're testing, including source code. Sometime also called the "clear open box testing". This approach simulate an internal attack and allows for a very strict test.
  2. Black box testing: the pen testers have no information about the website they're trying to break in to. These tests consume more time sometime because it usually is a try and error approach.
  3. Gray box testing: as the name indicates, the pen tester has some visibility and can attack the website with the gathered limited information

When is a PEN test a good idea?

Not every type of website needs a PEN test.

If you use a basic Joomla with no extra extensions and you update your website regularly, then you don't need to do a PEN test.
You can and may do it, but it's a bit unnecessary.

But, if you have a website with a secure environment and very sensitive data or you have an online shop.
Then it's wise to perform on regular basis a PEN test, so that you're staying secured.

How does a PEN test happen?

jCreativeWeb uses different tools (free and paid) to check your website on many different know breaches.

According to your wishes we decide how accurate the PEN test need to be done and of course according to that we decide which tools or methods we need to use.