Joomla - less compiler

Joomla - less compiler
Latest version: 1.1
Last updated on: 2021-10-09
Type: Plugin
Price (1 year): €5

It was never so easy to compile your template .less files then with this easy to use system plugin.
This system plugin compiles automatically your template .less file(s) to .css file.


  • compatible with Joomla 4.x
  • automatically compiles .less file(s) and all the imported files to .css file
  • different versions of lessphp available
  • supports Twitter Bootstrap from 2.3 to the most recent versions
  • back- and front-end possible
  • option to compress output file for faster page load
  • Joomla! One-Click-Updater


  • English (en-GB)
  • Dutch (nl-BE, nl-NL)