Joomla - google map

Joomla - google map
Latest version: 1.2
Last updated on: 2022-03-18
Type: Module
Price (1 year): €5

With this module you can create a customised Google map with as many markers on it as you like.


  • compatible with Joomla 4.x
  • predifined map styles
  • option to define your own custom map style
  • option to disable Google map controls
  • possibility to place as many markers on the map as you like
  • option to choose what happen when you click a maker (show text, go to an url or go to a menu item)
  • option to select your own marker icon (global for all or for each marker seperately)
  • Joomla! One-Click-Updater


  • English (en-GB, en-US)
  • Dutch (nl-BE, nl-NL)