Is your website receiving the attention that it needs?

Is your website receiving the attention that it needs?
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To keep your website in perfect health requires some regular scheduled maintenance.
Just like you have with a car, you have some small but also some bigger maintenance to keep in mind.

Main reasons for regular website maintenance

The main reasons that you need to schedule regular maintenance are:

  • security
  • avoid offline time
  • future proof
  • peace of mind

Regular website maintenance for "security"

Security is one of the most important reasons to give your website the attention that it needs.

Updating the server software, CMS and its extensions are necessary to keep security threats to the lowest as possible.
Don't forget to keep the code up to date as well with the latest version of the programming language it's made in

Regular website maintenance to avoid "offline time"

Your website can't help your visitors if it's offline.
The extra cost of scheduled maintenance is less then the cost to trying to fix a website that has gone offline for some reason.

Regular website maintenance to keep your website "future proof"

Technology evolves and the way how visitors interact with your website evolves to.
A good maintained website will keep serving you in the future.

Regular website maintenance to have "peace of mind"

You can focus more time on your business when your website do what it needs to be doing.

Which regular maintenance is necessary for a good working website

Following scheduled maintenance are necessary to keep having a good working website:

  • software updates
  • back-ups
  • content and features
  • analysis

Software updates

Hackers take advantages of security breaches found in outdated software.
To prevent this, should not only the software of the server to be up to date, but also the cms and the installed extensions should be up to date.

Frequent backups

It's very important to make a back-up of your website on regular basis and not only when your planning to update the cms.
Sometime it takes months before you notice that your website was used by hackers and at that moment it's useful that you have a copy of your website before it was attacked by a hacker.

Content is king

A website without content won't help your visitor any further and your website won't score well on search engines.
So, it's very important that you regular update the content of your website and in some cases add some extra functionalities so that your website can help the visitors even better.


It's necessary to schedule an analysis maintenance to fulfill the through purpose of your website and to help the visitors so good as possible.
During this analysis maintenance you can check how the visitors find your website and how they use it.
According the analysis, you then can rearrange some content on your site or improve some functionalities


Keeping your website healthy and future proof with these regular maintenance is definitely an added value for your company.

You might not have the time nor the skills to keep your website in a top condition.
jCreativeWeb can help you with that.

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